Google Ads, aka ‘the dark side of Google’.

Google Ads advertising consultant: what exactly do we do and why are we a Google certified company.

Google Ads Ravenna

Even though you may not have noticed it or may not have paid attention to it, but every time you do an online search or use you YouTube, Gmail, the Play Store, or any other Google service, your actions are influenced by Google ads.

And we don’t just mean those annoying videos that pop up every time you try to watch something on YouTube, (and which unfortunately you can’t always skip.)

There are countless ways to create marketing campaigns on Google, like for example the adverts appearing under an “Ads” label in Google’s search results. Most of the time, those ads are listed at the top of the search results and are therefore the ones most likely to be clicked.

When you look for a product, let’s say a skin cream, what do you usually do?

In all likelihood, you enter the name of the cream and look at all the results that appear at the top or bottom of the page, i.e. you look at all the results with a picture, a price and the homepage of the retailer. And most of the time you probably choose the product with the lowest price.

These are only two of the many possibilities that Google Ads offer, but there are at least another 20.

What does it mean that we from Wedsolution are a Google certified web agency?

It means that we have passed numerous exams (which must be renewed every year, by the way); exams that certify our knowledge in the field of Google Ads. In addition, our agency has exceeded a minimum amount of spending and obtained outstanding results with Google that have led Google to recommend us as one of their partner companies.

What are the benefits for your company? First of all, visibility!

We from Wedsolution know how to use Google efficiently and we make sure that your ads and/or your website will be easily found by users searching for your services or products. And the more users discover your website, the more of them will ask you for a quote. But not only that. Your website will also be presented to users who are interested in your services or products without actively searching for them. As a result, the awareness of your business or brand grows significantly, and even if a person might have been made aware of your website just “by chance” and may therefore not buy your products or services immediately, they may do so tomorrow or next week.

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