Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing takes place in all social online-networks, for example as ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest, but also on TikTok, WhatsApp and Telegram For Business.

On which social networks do your customers spend most of their time? Reach out to them on their favorite networks!

Social media marketing, abbreviated SMM, stands for the management of profiles on social networks.

This management can be carried out by creating and publishing special content (in this case it is called content marketing), or by creating real marketing campaigns, (also called social media advertising).

Our agency manages profiles on all social networks, be it Instagram, Facebook, LindekIn, Pinterest, Tik Tok, WhatsApp, Telegram (yes, the last two are social networks, too), as well as on any other platform that might be just emerging.

Social media marketing may sound simple and fun. And yet, it is quite a difficult and complex subject. It requires an in-depth knowledge of the product to be promoted as well as a complete understanding of the company that needs to be given visibility. In addition, it is essential to know who the potential customers or clients are and how best to reach them. Not to mention that there are almost no limits to the possibilities of marketing campaigns on social networks. This is the reason why a team of professionals is so important.

In case you already have a business homepage on social media, for example on Facebook, you might already be familiar with the message “Click here to highlight this content” or maybe with “Promote this post”. And perhaps, as the good entrepreneur you are, you have already tried to sponsor one of your products or services with 20 or 30 Euros, yet have had no success. If so, you might have thought that social networks are of no use and that it is pointless to waste time and money on them.

And yet, you were wrong!

It was not the social network that failed.

It was your campaign.

In reality, you can achieve excellent results with social media marketing. The important thing is not to make hasty decisions or to go blindly. Instead, have a plan and strategy to follow!

With a good strategy positive results will not be long in coming. After all, who among us is not on social media several times a day?

If you want to develop a professional social media marketing strategy, let’s talk about it at our office in Ravenna or at your company! We look forward to meeting you!

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