We create websites and make your website a safe haven for everyone!

Building your company website is the first step to accessing a bigger world.

Imagine an endless ocean on which people navigate in search of new opportunities (i.e. services/products). Your website is the port where people embark on new expeditions, but also the place where your customers – as well as everyone else looking for you – can get in touch with you whenever they want.

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Through a web portal your company can communicate more directly and more efficiently not only with your customers, but also with future clients. And of course you can also keep everybody informed about new activities.

Here are 5 good reasons (not the usual ones) why having a business website is so important:

  1. Analyze your customers: Whoever uses online services leaves behind a trail of data, also called digital footprint or digital dossier. This footprint is the body of data resulting from the user’s various online actions, and the collected data can be used in marketing campaigns.
  2. Generate new business/lead generation: Identify potential new customers that might be interested in your products or services and cultivate your customer relationships.Just ask yourself: When someone needs professional help, what is the first thing they usually do? Most likely, they take out their cell phone and google, for example, “plumber Ravenna” or something similar. And in all likelihood, they then call the first or second company that appears on the list. Hence, it is so important to give everybody in need of your services or products the possibility to find your website.
  3. Keep your website updated: No one should believe that a website is something static, something you never “touch” again once it is”done”. Because a website is never really “done”. Quite the opposite. You may even need to update your website on a regular basis. Just think about all the things that are constantly changing in your company or business: the launch of a new product, special events, the opening of a new location, the Easter or the Christmas menu and so forth. Nothing is more annoying than opening a website in July and being greeted with “Merry Christmas.” Customers who see something like that won’t take you seriously.
  4. Branding and corporate image: You may already have heard of this reason: having your own website helps you consolidate your corporate image and makes your brand known to a much larger clientele.
  5. Make experiments and conquer the world: An individual website allows you to go as far as the world wide web permits. Do you want to make your company known abroad? Analyze the market, translate your website in other languages, maybe open a new social channel and go conquer the world!

What exactly do we from Wedsolution do?

We build websites in accordance with our client’s wishes on our own platforms as well as on CMS such as WordPress or Prestashop. (Don’t worry if you don’t understand the last part. We shall be glad to explain it to you in person).

The websites we create are completely tailored to the needs of our clients. This means you can put in everything you want: photos and videos of your company, texts as well as all kinds of documents.

Yet, as different as they are, all the websites we create have one thing in common: full compatibility. This means that the web portals we build are accessible from any device.

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